358 days…

K had a much better  day today.  She’s worked on playing with her other friends and making new friends.  She also took it upon herself to bribe her friend with an iceblock, so we talked about it being OK to buy each other an iceblock from time to time, but not a long-term means of maintaining a friendship.

It seems that S is quite controlling at times.   She is a child who can only see things in black and white and its her way or the highway.

K and I have been talking a lot about it being OK to stick up for yourself and I think that’s worked for her today (not to mention that Mrs D knows about the issue and I know she adores K).

Blahhhh – we don’t really need this added stress right now.


Luckily, I had a scheduled check-in with the psych, who once again listened to me babble on and was able to add some really useful advice for me about both kids.  I really value the fact that I can talk about all the issues with her and she comes back with sound advice from a different angle.


I have been trying to avoid the news tonight – major earthquake in NZ.  I just can’t bear it.

If I remember correctly, it was almost a year ago that Chile had an earthquake.

….and to top it off, Tony C’s father died on Sunday making yet another family death to occur lat February, early March.

What is it with this time of year???


I had some bizarre dreams last night.  We had very early dinner and bed due to the storm and, after some bad piano playing (both by me and the dodgy, out-of-tune-106-yo piano), we were all in bed by 8 pm.

Should be cause for me to have a great night’s sleep.

But I woke several times after hearing you talking to me.

I can recall hearing you say “Can you wake up now” in that voice you used when checking to see if I was awake (and which normally woke me up anyway even if I was asleep).  Odd that it was your voice when I have such trouble remembering the finer details of how you spoke right now when I’m fully awake.  I also had the strong impression that you had been lying beside me in bed, restless and moving around.

I wish I could have staying in that moment longer.

I miss you.

I miss hearing you whisper to me in the dark, feeling your arms around me.

I love you.