359 days…

Happy 48th birthday baby.

Except you never looked your age – you looked about 5 years younger, always.  You certainly looked better and were fitter than your balding mates with middle-aged-spread.

My very own Bona Fide spunk!


Somehow I got through today.  The kids also got through, but then, they didn’t remember that it was your birthday and I didn’t tell them.

I was at work all morning, had a coffee with my friend Cath, then returned to work for a PD session.

Meanwhile, Mum picked up the kids and we all had dinner together in your honour.  Except we didn’t mention anything as I figured that if the kids didn’t know, there was no point upsetting them.

It’s not like we have another Big Huge Black Milestone coming up next week.

But I cried when I  got home.

I cried in the shower.

I wailed.

It’s just All Wrong.

and it will never be right again.

I miss you.

I love you.