361 days…

I treated myself to a trip to the hairdresser this morning.

These ladies have been so supportive of me … I’ve known them since forever and they go all-out to make me feel relaxed whenever I come in. …and since you died I had to insist that they let me pay them or I wouldn’t come back for a haircut.

Anyway, as soon as I arrived we were hugging and K&S (hairdressers)  immediately asked if I was ready for a “bit of a change” to the standard brown bob.  (Apparently, they have both been talking about giving me a change since I made this appointment a month ago).

….I agreed and as I have absolutely zero sense of style, let them do whatever they wanted to.

So 2.5 hours later I emerged with light brown hair with dark brown foils (that’s brown hair with bits of darker brown hair in it to you) and a much shorter concave bob (that’s where the hair is left longer in the front and shorter in the back to you).

I think I like it.

It also looks like I’ve made an effort for Cousin S’s wedding on Sunday.

I even bought make-up and plan on using more than my normal mascara and lip gloss (both functional – mascara to keep my long straight lashes out of my eyes and lip gloss to ease my dry lips).

I predict I will still look fairly average, but with slightly more style than usual.

New Hair do on 365 Project
(photo of new do but sans wedding clothes and make-up)

I miss knowing that you found me beautiful and sexy, no matter how I looked.
You saw the lines on my face and only saw that I love to laugh.
You saw the  extra weight and only thought that there was more to cuddle.
You saw ME.

I miss you.
I love you.