362 days….

Saturday morning running around, groceries, washing …. but so hot we didn’t get much cleaning done.

Peter came up today ….and we all had dinner at Mum and Dad’s.

H looked at his plate (corned beef, veges and a few pieces of pineapple) and almost immediately started to make a fuss about not wanting dinner.  He’s not been as bad at eating dinner lately and it did strike me that he normally liked corned beef …. but within minutes he had projective vomited his stomach contents into an ice cream container …

He’d barely touched his dinner so I was a bit worried … about him but also about how I wouldn’t be able to go to the wedding tomorrow and leave a spewy kid with J (who kindly volunteered to take them for me so I could go to cousin S’s wedding).

Luckily Mum worked out the combination of hot day, boy with reflux, a slice of pineapple and half a cup of milk was not a good mix …. it seems that the milk and pineapple combined to give a kind of acid / base reaction with the result of instantaneous spewage … and salt and water (I dunno – I barely remember chemistry 😉

So all in all, we are OK.

I think.

I miss you.

I love you.