367 days….

I had a good day at school today.  Jan, the HOC  is giving me encouragement … I’m feeling more and more comfortable that I’ll get by as far as work is concerned.


I don’t know how I will cope for another month with G here.

He is rude, opinionated and has a long memory for throw-away lines.

You’ll also laugh about how he ‘knew you better’ than me.


Yep … another one of your siblings is under the impression that THEY have the greater loss because they knew you better.

I remember how you were amazed when your sister said something similar to me before we were even engaged and you rolled your eyes.  I would love to see your face now.

That, and apparently I need parenting advice from him … you remember how “perfect” his kids are right?? right??? (yeah – me neither – they can all be little thugs at times.  It’s called ‘being a kid’).

…there’s another difference between you and he – you LOVED kids, especially babies.  G treats them as “useful” when they reach a certain age.  He was whining that delivering them to and from school interrupts his day (what T is doing  at the time, I have no idea).  Apparently he’d much rather them with him where they can “be a bit useful”.

Maybe I should invite he and his wife to run a behaviour course at school 😉  (Apparently T gave the neighbour a book on dealing with toddlers …. the neighbour has 4 kids under 4 and THEY thought to give her some “advice”.

I do hope the neighbour threw the book back at them….

Sooo … maybe tonight, you could try YELLING in his ear about shutting the fuck up when he thinks he knows everything.


Seriously, this visit may just spell the end of the farm problem – he’ll piss me off so much that I’ll pull the pin on having ANY further relationship with him.

but knowing me, I’ll try to smile and nod my way through it.

Damn my polite nature!

I NEED you now.

I miss you.

I love you.