368 days….

Maybe the yelling worked….

So far so good today…. although it isn’t over yet, and I did end up “hiding” in my bedroom until after I heard him go this morning.

…. which made us late for school, but as it is my day off I wasn’t too worried.

Once at school, I saw Jan (HOC) who wanted to know why I wasn’t booked for a supply day today (normal admin officer is on leave and new girl went through the official system).

Rectified that problem now and will have to tell the new lady to just call me BEFORE hitting the official system.

Then I was on to coffee with Kerrie and grocery shopping…. where I saw Mum and Dad and we watched an artist at work on some canvasses (I took K back for a look at him working later in the day).

…… came home and was looking forward to a lazy afternoon … when G came home early.

It was raining so the work was called off for the day.

I mentioned the groceries and he offered to put in a fair share.


There was the proviso that “he got a good feed for the money”.

I countered with the fact that we eat a lot of salads and lean meat,  but would buy him some potatoes/ corn / beans / peas/ carrots  etc …. and added that he should feel free to cook them should he not like the meal on offer.


As if I am going to change our entire diet so that he can have more fatty meat and boiled  veges!!

As it happened I did do chicken drumsticks with roasted veges for dinner tonight which met with his approval.


Dear God but it’s goign to be a long month.

I need you here provide a buffer between G and me.

I need you here.

I miss you.

I love you.