369 days….

Ahhh, a night of peace – G has gone home until Monday night.

He left not long ago, complaining about driving “all that way” in the rain.

Interesting how “all that way” wasn’t too far at all when YOU were driving it … nor indeed when all of us were driving it when the kids were  babies.  Twice we had to pack up tiny babies (the second time with a two-year-old and a baby) and drive for over 3 hours to see your parents who would not come to us to meet their newest grandchildren.

Not too far when they were toddlers and found being cooped up for 3 plus hours in  a car a real challenge.

Or at 8pm when we’d not get home ’til midnight even on a good drive.

But mostly not when you were doing it every second weekend.

It wasn’t all that far when he decided to have a pissing competition last week, about whether he or you had put more  into the farm in the past 5 years.


In other news, K has yet another vomiting bug.

Poor kiddo called out to me at 5am and she had soaked her sheets and mattress protector in vomit.

Stinky, watery vomit.

Is this some sort of joke?  you KNOW I don’t DO vomit.

….and here we are with the fourth run of it in a month in this household.


…or maybe was that how you got G to give us some peace for the next couple of nights?

(BTW – have I told you that he isn’t house-trained?  It’s certainly making me appreciate all those people you have shared a flat with in your younger days.  You understood that one person should only take up a quarter of a shared Hills Hoist, not eat the last of the cereal AND bread, and that rinsing crockery under running water does NOT equal “doing the washing up”).


I’m feeling a bit cheated out of my “one year of survival” prize.

I mean, shouldn’t I win SOMETHING for surviving this long?

Maybe some cosmic grace directed this way???

Instead I’ve been given a difficult house guest and vomit.

I’m not quite sure which I dislike more.

Maybe I need to be clearer in stating what I want: I want happiness, health, beauty, kindness and love.

For the three of us.

We deserve that much, I think.

…after what’s been taken away.

I miss you.

Beyond words.

I love you.

Beyond breath.