372 days….

K woke up with her general lethargy back again today.

So she and I had a day off school.

Poor kiddo was quite ill   – she slept most of the day away.

She’s eaten some jelly and ice-cream for dinner (I just told her that she could have anything she felt like) and feels a little better.

I am hoping she’s much better by the morning.



I was feeling quite resentful that she was sick and I had to stay home…. not  at her, but that there was no other parent to take a day off work to look after her.

There’s only me.

Always me.

That sucks.


She really misses you. Especially when she is sick as you were so gentle and patient with her when she was ill.  She remembers that.

I remember that.

and I miss your kindness and compassion.

Such rare qualities it seems…


I miss you.

I love you.