375 days…

Another Friday.

I worked this morning – a few hours in K’s class.  It was quite lovely as well as being a really good chance to see how she is faring in class.

Quite well, it seems.

I had lunch with Mum before picking the kids up again in the afternoon.

We were all quite tired and wrung out and I planned on leftovers for dinner.

But your niece A turned up and I invited her to stay (and dug some other leftovers out of the freezer).

She came bearing great news … she is pregnant after 2 years of trying.

I am so happy for her and her husband.

You are going to be a Great Uncle!!  (It sounds so regal).

So SO excited for her.  and happy.

Finally, some GOOD news coming from your family.

We need more good news.

The world needs more good news.

I miss you.

I love you.