376 days…

I am slightly tipsy as I am writing – I’ve been next door with the kids and Angela INSISTED I help her finish off the champagne … and you know what a cheap drunk I am.

Fine really, but I won’t be driving anywhere for a while….

The kids had a great time swimming and watching a movie and we had a great dinner and chatted away…

Luckily it was fun –  GC had asked the kids up to the farm without asking me first.  And since K has a big test this week and since she isn’t 100% recovered from her bug, there was no way she was going (not when I know GC wouldn’t get back until midnight Sunday).

H was harder to convince, but Julie saved the day (yet again) – she has some sort of 6th sense I swear.

She had a couple of spare tickets to the Lollipops Playland (AKA The Screaming Shack) and offered to take the kids along with hers.

H’s priorities sorted out fairly quickly after that.

GC is probably pissed off, but so am I.  Don’t be asking the kids about going overnight somewhere (or even for a few hours) BEFORE you check in with me.

I dont’ care that YOU might like them to go.  YOU aren’t here to argue about where they can or can’t go so I WIN dammit.

There has to be some perks to this shitty end of the deal.

I am off to bed, but not before drinking my own body-weight in water (and I’ve put on some weight so that’s a fair amount I need to down).

Hmmm – that reminds me – I must start weight watchers again.  I was doing so well and hat lost 3 kgs until  you died and I needed chocolate therapy.

Apparently they have a new system where I can eat fruit without thinking … “whole piece of fruit or tiny piece of chocolate = easy choice”  (chocolate, obviously).

Probably all that champagne and grapefruit mixer isn’t exactly covered though….

Ahh well … I’ll see how I feel about it tomorrow.

I miss you.

(I miss you telling me I talk to much when I’m tipsy).

I love you.