378 days….


There was an arts incursion at school today.

A Disneyesque musical with singing, dancing, gymnastics and …. skipping.

The entire school spent the morning session spellbound.

I spent the entire morning session counting the minutes remaining until I could get the hell out of the hall…. whilst making many small children sit still.

You know how much I loathe musical theatre.

People have asked me to go to see “Wicked”.

Frankly, I’d rather stab myself in the leg.


Besides … tickets are in the order of $100 which is just adding injury to insult.  I’m sure I could get someone to stab me in the leg for free and I would enjoy that more.

Don’t get me wrong:

I like dramatic plays.

I love comedy acts.

I like live music.

But not all at the same time (although some musical comedy is acceptable. funny even.  a la Tim Minchin).

I’ve never been able to enjoy it when people are busy acting out some dramatic scene … and then suddenly decide to convey their thoughts through interpretive song and dance. ….I’ve never met a real life person who, when relating their latest fiasco, decides to climb on the table and sing and dance their way through the explanation.

So 1 hour and 20 minutes of a children’s musical did my head in.

Not to mention the prime learning time that the kids spent watching a musical … I was quite pissed off that they didn’t schedule this thing for Friday afternoon when the kids are tired and ready to sit back and veg out.

…. not to mention the fact that I don’t work Fridays.

Ahh well – I was paid to sit through it I guess.  It’s not all bad.

Life is not all bad.

It just Completely Sucks that you aren’t in it.

I miss you.

I love you.


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