379 days….

I’m feeling a little pissed off tonight…

I was tutoring this afternoon when the phone rang – so I let it go to the machine.

It was a guy from the insurance company about the water damage.

At 5:01 pm, I was listening to the messages when he rang again (a whole 15 minutes after the initial phone call).

He wants to come here tomorrow morning – I told him it was not convenient.

So now he is coming at 7-7:15 am tomorrow morning.

Because it fits with HIS schedule.

and then he said “it doesn’t sound like something you can claim anyway”.

I assured him that 2 different people from his company had told me that I more than likely could.

I’ll be asking or a detailed report with reasons WHY it’s not covered if he says “no”.

I’m not happy.

This is the shit YOU are meant to deal with.

You are meant to bamboozle him with engineering terms and shit until he says “yes, we’ll cover the repairs”.

NOT happy about this situation – will need your help tomorrow.


I miss you.

I love you.