380 days….

Well – the guy from the insurance company didn’t turn up this morning – it’s now tomorrow morning.

Please, PLEASE whisper in his ear for me.


I had a run in with my least favourite teacher today.

Last year I found her opinionated and rude (and, ironically, always  late for playground duty)… and forgetful that other people may just know a little bit more about life (and kids) than she does.

She is only young … but in the fashion of the young (and stupid), she already knows how to do everything.

My TA and I were 5 minutes late getting to her class today – a few issues in the previous classroom (both with ASD kids and a separate behaviour issue) meant that I had to update that classroom teacher with a bit of info….

So when we walked next door we were met with “You are 8 minutes late” (her clock is fast).  She decided that calling this out to us from the other side of the room (and in front of all the Yr 7 kids) was appropriate.

This pissed both Michele and I off because we ARE usually on time … and sometimes it is really hard to be in two places at once as our timetable dictates. (We both finish and start classes every half hour … no travel time between classrooms allowed for).

I just answered with “That will happen from time to time”.

She had nowhere to go from that.

But this teacher pisses me off in a more general manner as well … again in the manner of on who already knows everything….

You see, this teacher has refused to employ the Free, Ready Resources from our fantastic literacy coach.  I mean this stuff is gold … and it’s printed, laminated and available to be hanging on the wall in an instant…

but no.

There are very few  literacy posters anywhere in her classroom,  (or maths, SOSE or Science posters for that matter).

A bit of art.

Two reading strategies.

That’s about it.

But nothing to remind kids what a noun is (they need constant reminding) and God help them if they ever have to deal with adverbs.

…and this has pissed off the literacy coach – the woman with more  literacy teaching experience and knowledge in her little finger than the rest of the school combined.

So I’m not alone in feeling quite annoyed with her smart-arse attitude.

…and somehow, that makes me feel a lot better.

Except that I wish you were here to let me vent about it to your face.

You were such a good listener … as I guess I was when you needed to vent about your work.

I miss you.

I love you.