382 days…

I finally paid the $1665 for your headstone today.

I stopped by your new digs (jk – I crack my own shit up these days) to say hello.  I don’t feel like you are there so it seemed kind of pointless.

K was home sick – Dad looked after her (! I know!) while I went to the bank and out to the cemetery.


The other big brave thing I did happened when I dropped H off at school ….

I noticed *two* new supply teacher that I’d never seen before.


Considering that I knew Bron asked for me *specifically* for today for my beloved 6/7s,  and I didn’t get a call, I went in to see the new deputy bitch principal.

She feigned ignorance that I wasn’t already working today … until I pointed out that what she had me down for was *last week*.

She has promised to call Kez or me FIRST for future Friday supply days, but I’ll see how it goes.

I’ll see if the supply – Friday thing improves and if not, I’ll whinge to the HOC who, as far as I’m concerned, wears the  pants at school.

I consoled myself that I couldn’t have worked anyway with K sick again … but that’s MY choice, not DPs.


I’m so sick of doing everything myself.  Couldn’t something PLEASE me handed to me on a platter at some point?  It happens to other people … why not me?

A bit more whispering on your part wouldn’t go astray…

God I miss you .

I need you here.

I miss your warm, smooth skin to snuggle into at night.

I love you.