390 days…

I’ve been avoiding cleaning the kitchen today.

I haven’t been idle .. no …

I’ve washed the car.

I’ve cleaned out the garage.

I’ve weeded out the Poinciana seedlings.

I’ve cleaned out the chook cage.

I’ve pulled up pavers and I’ve backfilled with rubble.

I’ve hung out two loads of laundry.

I’ve taken photographs.

…anything to avoid being *inside* on such a nice day.


Speaking of photographs … this is my pic of the day:

Red Rocket on 365 Project

I believe you may just recognise it as the car you found at the dump when you were about 20. The car you brought it home and did it up for your nieces and nephews … and then it sat at the farm in the sun for another 20 or so years until we had our own children.
Our kids have great memories of playing in this car with you….

I miss how much you loved fixing things like this up.

I miss your excitement over a “dump find”.

I miss you.

I love you.