394 days….

Lock-down drill at school today saw Shelly and I sharing the storage room with our least favourite teacher and 21 hot, stinky Year 7 kids.


Even better when the stupid young teacher thought I should squat down to be more out of sight (for 10 minutes  –  I think not).  I couldn’t sit down as there was not enough room on the floor … I would have done this.

But squat? no way.

So I stood up.  Still out of sight.  Citing a non-existent dodgy knee.


I’m glad I knew about it and warned K&H it would be on as the alarm is quite loud and scary.


In other news, I stayed at school all afternoon and hear all the year 1s read from H’s class.  I have to say that he is really quite good.  … and he *likes* reading which is even better.

Then Mum took the kids out to buy my birthday present.  I shall see the delights of the $2 shop tomorrow.


I must be more stressed than I think I am….

…I’ve had acne rosacea break out on my chin on Feb 27 … and linger.  The face wash and acidic cream are not helping it much.

I only get this when my body is stressed, but my mind tells me I’m OK.

The first time was during Honours year at Uni.  It cleared up (finally) when I took a course of antibiotics for some other infection.

The second time was 6 weeks before we were married.  The &^*( old doctor I saw in the small town where we lived was very unhelpful … but luckily the local pharmacist (and neighbour) was much more accommodating and my face was blister-free within days.

Then I got it when I was pregnant with H.  The pregnancy that followed the miscarriage at 10 weeks.  The pregnancy when I was stressed out of my brain that *something* would go wrong.  No antibiotics that time…

Then nothing until now … a year after you died.

So while I really do feel OK in the wider scheme of how completely horrible this year has been, my body obviously is not feeling the love.

I have a few blisters on my chin and just as soon as one lot heal, another lot bubble up.

I’m persevering with OTC cream, but fear that I may need the dreaded antibiotics before much longer…


A hug from you would fix this.

I know it.

I need you.

I miss you.

I love you.