395 days…

I didn’t do so well today.

I am not meant to have birthdays without you.

They are just wrong.

Despite the wind chime, bookmark and *drink swizzle sticks* the kids gave me, I was in a foul mood all day.

….and then the bloody bastard insurance company decided that I’m NOT covered for the water damage, despite 3 people assuring me that I was.

…and then I  found out that some really nice neighbours are going through such a tough time, they are selling their house and moving.

…and then I found out that Uncle K has the same bladder-nerve problem that put Pop in dialysis for 4 years.

…and that it’s genetic.

…and that my brother most likely also has this problem.

…and that H is also showing early signs.

It most likely won’t affect him adversely until he is 50 plus,  but I hate that it’s even an issue.  And it is good that we know as apparently, there are a few less intensive methods of controlling the problem before the kidneys are irreparably damaged.

But still … way to have the second most sucky birthday ever me!

I miss you.

I love you.