397 days….

Insomnia came back again….  I really don’t function well on less than 6 hour sleep.

Consequently, today was fairly slow.

We pottered around.  ….and I just did not have the energy for more.

I really can’t afford to go back to those days when I wasn’t sleeping.  That was my lowest point so far in this horrible ride.  I can cope with most thing so long as I can sleep.

In contrast to this, H fell asleep at 4pm yesterday afternoon and we could not wake him up for dinner … so the poor kid slept in his uniform and woke up hungry at about 5am.

This 12 week term is too long.  I don’t care what idiot, young teacher says …. most teachers I know …and indeed parents I know would like this term to be over now.  The kids are exhausted.  The teachers are getting exhausted in dealing with exhausted, cranky, argumentative kids.

Bring on Easter.

another Easter without you.

It’s all wrong.

It will never be right again.

I miss you.

I love you.


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