403 days…

I have been put on class for the last week of school before the holidays … all good except its Year 2 which I haven’t taught before… which isn’t really a problem until you factor in the lack of planning and resources I’ve been left with and that I don’t’ have many Year 2 resources.  When I do supply, I much prefer it when teachers leave a plan and resources they want for the week …. otherwise it’s a tangle of finding out what the kids have and haven’t done amongst everything else.

Oh – and the starboard was out of action all morning so no help there.

All I knew was that they were doing a unit on insects so we had a day of bees… bee comprehension, bee maths (hexagons and tessellation), bee stories, bee science, bee art and, given that I was on class so we had the obligatory double wet-lunch duty … we watched “Bee Movie” in the afternoon.

The kids were adorable and had a great time…

I also had a little girl with diabetes.  She is gorgeous and I wasn’t really worried about managing her pump and sugar levels, but her Mum spent the day in class anyway.  It was great to have the help … although everything was OK.

I have them again next week but thankfully there are enough extracurricular activities coming up that I don’t have to figure out resources in a hurry.

A bit tired but I’ll be OK I think.

I miss you.  … like you wouldn’t believe.

I love you…. even more.