404 days…

Housework.  It seem such an insurmountable task when it’s just me doing it.

The kids, as per usual, had to be threatened with The Box Of Doom (bin box for toys on floor) before they would DO anything….

but they did it today.  Maybe because I sat them down and reminded them of all the jobs I need to do and the ones they need to do to help me.

At any rate, the house is looking less like a tip today.

Of course, *I* avoided cleaning the kitchen for as long as possible.  I weeded, raked, planted and shovelled sand across the back lawn to even out the tracks from the digger that was here in December.  The grass has come back quite well and now I am smoothing it out so the mower doesn’t catch on high points.

I spent a good deal of time wondering when the deck would finally be built.  Thankfully, I’m given regular updates from Shelley when I’m at school (he hubby is the builder).

But I still am getting impatient … even though I know it’s the council holding up the works att he moment as they have to rubber stamp it.

Busyness is good for me.  I need to see change in my surroundings.  Maybe it helps me feel like I am slowly changing and getting used to this “Claytons” life.

I wish you were here.

You were the one pottering about the garden while I cleaned the kitchen … maybe that’s what draws me outside so much.

I miss you.

I love you.


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