405 days….

I Told The Children about Nana.

I’d been putting it off.  Surely, there’s only so many times I am going to have to tell them that a close family member has died.  I have no experience of this – Pop was the first of my close relatives to die … and I was 26 at the time.

These kids have seen the deaths of both your parents, then you, and now Nan.

So I gathered them together on the bed and told them.

At first I was met with appalled silence.

Shocked faces.


They know it too well.

But then I explained that Nanny’s death is the kind we all want – painlessly and in very old age.

It was her time to go.

The right time.

I explained that death is not always a devastating event … sometimes, people are just ready to die.

I reminded them that yes, we do all have to die.

Nobody gets to live here on Earth forever.

Thems the facts.

…and they were OK with it.

I miss you.

I love you.