406 days…

I love the class I’m currently teaching.  Gorgeous personalities that are too young to be sarcastic or rude.  They aim to please.  At all costs.

Especially one of my “specials” …

Me: “T – quiet lips please.  It’s time for quiet work”.

T: “Ok Mrs W”

a few seconds later…

T:”Am I being quiet now Mrs W?”

Me: “Yes T, but remember: quiet lips”.

T: “Sorry Mrs W.  I’ll be quiet now”

a few seconds later…

T: “I’m being really good now Mrs W”.



He is adorable.

Tomorrow is sports day.

Wish me luck.

As in I don’t get too pissed off with the pushy parents who want to know if their 5-year-old is the next Flo Jo.

I miss you.

I love you.