407 days…

Junior sports day today and I am completely exhausted….. April is still far too hot to be outdoors all day.

But we still had fun!

Would you believe that K came second in her age heat and made the finals?  She was then selected for the relay team 🙂

Not a bad effort.

She was disappointed that she didn’t get a ribbon, but she tried her hardest and had a great time.

the parents DID piss me off.

… if the kids are asked to sit in their house groups under the control of one teacher, please make them do that.

I can’t chase up the 27 kids who sat with their parents … and then had the parents disappointed that we couldn’t find kids for races.


Tired now though.

Me bed go.

I miss you.

I love you.



PS – D came back about the deck today … he’ll get started next week.  Hooray!

I can’t believe that I spent the weekend bemoaning the lack of progress and within a day, my moaning was answered.