Day 408 and 409….

More school, more Year 2.

Beautiful, beautiful year 2.

Wednesday was a general day where we did a bit of learning mixed in with some fun Easter activities.  All good.

Today (Thursday) was the last school day of this ridiculous 12 week term which meant major celebrations with free-dress day, Easter hat parade AND rewards day all rolled into one.

The early years kids had an absolute ball, and there were many sighting of the Easter Bunny all over school.  Apparently he eats carrots and excretes chocolate – who knew?

But this fun wasn’t what got to me….

As I was saying goodbye to the class I’ve had all week with reassurances that I’d still be at school next term, one of my beautiful ASD boys latched on to me.  and wouldn’t let go. I can’t say much about this boy here, as there are “issues” (not related to his ASD) but he is one of the most beautiful children I have ever met.  That hug meant A Lot.  A Lot. …and that boy will hold a special place in my heart forever.


I visited the psychologist again this afternoon … which was forward planning and great timing ahead of Nana’s funeral tomorrow.  We spoke about many things I just don’t talk about with anyone else.  I am glad I keep going.  Even as I’m walking in thinking “I’m OK now”, I come out thinking “Wow – what a relief to talk about this stuff that I didn’t realise was causing me so much angst”.

I AM moving forward.  and I DO have a high level of emotional intelligence.  so I AM making good emotional decisions for both myself and the kids.

Good to feel validated.

I miss you.

I love you.