411 and 412 days….

The first weekend of the Easter School Holidays has been spent in the backyard.

Saturday was spent pulling up the pavers outside the backdoor as work is meant to be starting on the deck very soon.  It took me most of Saturday and another 2 hours this morning, but all the pavers are up and stacked against the back fence.

Then Mum brought over their pressure cleaner and together, we moved the big table and cleaned off the concrete.

I have discovered muscles that I never knew existed.  My forearms ached from handling the bricks, my shoulders ache from all the pushing and pulling of the hand trolley back and forth across the yard and my thighs and butt ache from all the squatting down and prising up pavers.

Oh … and I also found time to clean out the Tupperware cupboard, go grocery shopping and do a few loads of laundry.

I am so proud of what I’ve got done this weekend, despite the inside of the house once again resembling a tip again within a few days of being cleaned.

This “Clayton’s Normal” feels … OK.
I hate it that you are not here, but I think you must be proud of the things that I am doing that I *never* would have attempted if you were here (because you would have done them – those pavers would have been all up and stacked within half a day if you were doing it).

I miss you.

I love you.


PS – you would have laughed at the cuteness this morning – H was getting dressed to go grocery shopping and he called K in to his room to survey the outfit as he “would really value [her] opinion”.