415 days…


I feel so much better on sunny days.  I was really sad again last night and cried myself to sleep (again).

But when I woke up and saw the sunshine this morning, I just felt … lighter.

D came and started the footings for the deck today – so far I have 7 very expensive holes in the back yard and some more very expensive orange painted X’s on the ground ….

The post-hole-digger comes tomorrow and hopefully it’s all plain sailing from here 🙂

In other news, Mum, Dad and I took the kids fishing this morning…. finally, their Christmas presents (fishing rods) got Christened.

H caught about 10 diver whiting (most too small to keep) and pulled in two at once at one stage.  I think he may also have caught a couple of toad fish … but it was still fun.

Not to be outdone (or she would be in a terrible sulk) K caught the biggest “fish” …. a blue-spotted stingray.  It was slightly harder to remove from the line and flick back into the water, but we managed it.

Both of them were thrilled to have caught anything at all.

After that, I went to the chiropractor as the headache from yesterday was worse today and I finally realised that pulling up all those pavers had finally caught up with me … no more super-bendy joints and my neck and upper back had stiffened up completely, giving me the headache.

Martin (the chiro) was amazed at how twisted I was …. one leg was an inch shorter than the other and 4 ribs were badly “stuck” (technical term).

I feel SO much better tonight, and the headache is now just a dull feeling that will probably be gone by tomorrow.

… hmmm … tomorrow…

we all have appointments at the dentist.

the kids are excited (oddballs) but I’m scared.

I hate the dentist, despite having pretty good teeth (please PLEASE do not let that comment totally kick my backside tomorrow).

I blame the the first of my 3 fillings I got when I was 12 … no anaesthetic at all and it Bloody Well Hurt.

Come with us and hold my hand.

Don’t let them find any great problem with my chompers.


I miss you.

I love you.