417 days….

A day spent cleaning and reorganising.  I am happiest when the house is both clean AND tidy.

I think it comes from the feeling of having control over my environment.

Either way, there’s heaps more reorganising and purging to go.

I keep getting stuck in our closet.

Not literally…

I get stuck looking through your old socks and torn shirts that I still can’t get rid of.

That sense that you’ll need them when you come back.

… because that’s what a small part of my brain says as soon as I go to throw those things away.

“He’ll need them when he comes back.”

Do I keep the ugly rock sculpture because it was yours or do I see it for the hideous thing it is and chuck it?

It just takes up space at the top of the cupboard.

A few more things have gone though…. and every bit of the house that I reorganise helps me feel better.

I need to remember that your memory permeates every room, every nook and cranny….

…every minute of every day…

… so tossing out an old belt is not going to change that.

I miss you.

I love you.