Day 420-422…

ANZAC day was spent quietly at home.

I have a slightly different take on the day to most …

… I choose to remember the wives left behind.

… the mothers and fathers.

…and the children.

For every soldier killed in war, the flow-on effect destroyed many more lives.


Tuesday 26/4 was a holiday as Easter Monday and ANZAC day fell on the same day this year.

We spent the day huddled inside out of the rain and wind watching Harry Potter.  Again.

That and I booked a phone reading with a psychic my friend recommended.

In July.

Because that was the earliest phone appointment I could get.

If I wanted to see her in person, I’d have to wait until next year.


Wednesday 27/4 was the first day of school for Term 2.

…for the kids as I am apparently not starting back until next week.

I think.

I hate this job uncertainty, and yet I’d rather work at this school than be more certain of ongoing work at another school…

Anyhooo … the kids enjoyed going back to school to see their friends while I went to see the financial planner.


I need to see a solicitor about the farm … just to formalise *MY* expectations even though GC is unwilling to sign anything or to plan farm succession.


Really must do this soon…


While I was in the city, I took some photos of ANZAC square for my 365 project (this week’s theme is remembrance) when a man came and asked if I could help him.

It seemed he needed asthma medication, however he didn’t have his wallet and needed $10.

I offered to take him to the nearest chemist and buy him some.

Apparently he “didn’t want to trouble [me]”.  If I were to just give him the money, he could get it himself.

So I told him that I was a widow bringing up young kids on my own and did he really want to take my money?…. (and I didn’t add “take it for booze/ drugs for yourself”).

My offer was to buy him ventolin from the chemist across the street or nothing.

He shrugged and walked away.


I didn’t need this today.

Not when I’m nervous about my ongoing work.

I miss you.

I love you.