Day 424-425…


I had a “me” day today – I went shopping with Mum.

mostly to buy winter pants for the kids to wear to school, but still.

In the middle of it, Mum realised she’d misplaced her VISA card, so we had a quick trip to the bank where the lady helped us to track it down without issue.


K had her very first sleep-over.

She went home with J and S after school.

The idea was that the girls could watch the Royal Wedding together, have a sleep over and then I’d pick up K in the morning.

So H and I settled down to a nice meal and ended up watching the royal wedding ourselves…. Andrew was meant to be coming over but forgot …. typical …. so it was as good an excuse as any to watch it.

H lasted about 10 minutes into the wedding before falling asleep, and I surprised myself by actually watching it most of the way through.

I’m not big on the royal family or weddings, but by telling myself it was history, that made it OK.
That and seeing Beatrice’s hat.  That thing she had stapled to her forehead looked like reindeer antlers….. which ruined an otherwise nice frock. …and gave anyone with a tv an enormous belly laugh.

… and the bride’s sister stole the show – that girl is Gorgeous.

…the bride looked lovely and so did the groom.  … if very stiff and formal.  I do hope that they were more lively at the reception …. and that somebody’s Great Uncle Albert got toasted and livened up the show a bit.  Just like a real wedding.

…and then it clicked the other thing I was missing …. I was watching the wedding of a person whose parent died in a car accident.  And it made me glad to see how happy he was.  And I thought that his mother was probably Right There in the thick of it, feeling happy for her son.


Saturday – H came and read to me until I woke up.  He is a cute kid when he isn’t driving me nuts.

K ended up staying on and going to Sizzler and the movies before coming home.

She was happy but exhausted.

I’m glad she had a good time.

She’s growing up, our baby girl….

I miss you.

I love you.


PS – incredibly devastating storms in the US are sickening.  So many more widows and widowers in the space of a day 😦

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