426 days….

At 8:30 this morning, I remembered that the kids were meant to start their 6 week soccer program today …. at 9am.

We made it in plenty of time.

H was keen, but I had told K that she wouldn’t be playing as it was only run for kids in P-2…

… but when we signed in, David, the head coach not only remembered us from last year, remembered that I was a widow and the kids were fatherless, he graciously allowed K to have another run this year as they needed more girls playing soccer.

I’m blown away that this man not only  remembered us from  a year ago, but asked how we have been in the intervening time.  He remembered both kids names and was happy to see them back again.

He wasn’t pretentious at all and it wasn’t a ploy for more business (the course is Very cheap for kid’s sport).

Sometimes, people are just plain wonderful.

You would have loved to see the kids run around the soccer pitch and have a go.

… and they would have loved you to see them do it.

We miss you.

We love you.