427 days…

We went fishing again this morning … the most glorious sunny day at the waterfront with lots of people out and about.

We arrived to see Mum pull in a good-sized flat head, adding it to the bucket with Dad’s bream he caught earlier … so it was looking good.

… unfortunately, the kids only caught toad fish from that point on and the only other fish caught was a flounder Dad pulled in just as we were leaving.

But the beautiful day and all the other sights and sounds made up for the lack of fish.

A young cormorant was fishing right underneath the rock groin we were standing on … it was fascinating to see it dive and check the sandy bottom for food, a tell-tales stream of bubbles alerting us to its whereabouts at all times.

Lots of busy-bodies who like to tell you how to fish … some of them were very amusing.  Sometimes, I wonder how they can walk AND talk at the same time as I’d assume it would overtax their little brains…

But all in all, a perfect day at the beach.

we miss you, we love you XA

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