437 days…

K had N-word testing this week (we are officially gagged from saying the N- word or talking about it …. but I’m talking about my own child here Big Brother, not the test itself).  Basic skills test My Arse.

She tried her hardest and that’s all she could do.  I reckon she would have done OK, but we won’t know until Term 3.

…and that’s all I can say about that.


I was really happy to get my reading from the psychic  – she was spot on  and it does seem that she knew far too many specific details for this to be quackery…. at any rate, I feel like you really can hear me and are looking after us and THAT makes me feel good.

Part of your message was: I have no idea why but he just showed me a vision of you in a white coat and says that you need to get the passion back. He says a change of direction is coming for you. An opportunity will present itself and then he holds up 4 fingers. I ask if he is saying in 4 weeks or 4 months but he just shrugs his shoulders, winks and says what will be will be. So i will just leave that with you and you can see how that comes about.

…and so today, when I went to see  the boss for a quick chat he said:

“No guarantees, but I am trying to get our science program up and running and I’d like you to run that” (or words to that effect).  I know from past experience that this may not eventuate, but I felt like he is looking after me in the wider scheme of things.  This fact alone makes me feel a lot better about my future employment.

… I am hoping this is the ‘white coat’ of the psychic prediction…. 4 days after I received the e-mail.

I miss you so much.

I love you even more.


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