443 days…

Sadly, the “club” of widowed parents and fatherless / motherless children at our school got a couple of new members today …. Bob’s wife T lost her short, sharp battle with cancer today … and their daughter Q lost her Mum.

I’ve not spoken much to Bob before now … he is an older chap.  Very quiet in his way.  But I’ve been checking on him whenever I see him.  …and not knowing him that well, I’m reduced to wondering what I can do that might be of help … and have  simply decided on checking on him, talking to him, inviting him to widow/er stuff that I want to organise closer to Christmas time.

… because I know it’s that long-term support that  he’ll need.

In other news,  I got a phone call today letting me know that your grave marker has been placed.  It will be a bit odd when I got to visit it … because it is also *my* grave marker (which will have my details and a photo of me looking young and hot added when I get planted / burnt and scattered).

…. oh and I love our HOC …. she told me last week that my current contract finishes a week early this term … but she has just organised for me to do internal relief for a week before and 2 weeks after the next holidays which means I will get holiday pay at full-time rates.  AWESOME.

I miss you.

I love you … to the moon and back.

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