461 days…

Cousin S joined the kids and I for soccer this morning.

Which was lucky because “Craig” was back and even though he looked at me every time I seemed to raise my head, he didn’t come near us.

…and for that I thank Cousin S.

Given that S used to coach kid’s soccer and plays quite well himself, it was good to have him there this morning – he put the kids through a few drills before they started which was fun for all.


K was sick all last week.  I took her to the Dr on Friday as her cough was quite bad, and came away with a script for antibiotics which I didn’t need to fill because she’d started to get better by herself.

But I also asked for a repeat script for H’s reflux … and this lovely new Dr stopped and told me that we really should check H’s problem out a bit more as it should have gone away by now….

she mentioned paediatric gastros and further testing.


Why didn’t the first Dr tell me this?

Please let it not be anything serious.


I miss you.

I love you.