474 days…

I worked on class yesterday, and I will have that class for the next week and then after the holidays.

It’s all good, but tiring.

The big news is that I saw the staffing inspector yesterday afternoon.

I had a whole of 5 minutes with them.

Thankfully, Lee had told me to plead my case in a letter and I have to admit, it was one of my more persuasive texts of all time.

I outlined the complete and utter crap of our lives and pointed out that they had the power to make my life easier by giving me permanency, starting at the kid’s school ….. but they really only sat up in their seats when I mentioned my science background.

I know that my boss had briefed them on my situation and also said that he fully supported my permanency … I just hope it sunk in….

because I arrived home to an offer of another high school post at a top school, but on the complete other side of town.

Gah – it’s HELP I need now, not challenge.

Please whisper in their ears for me….

I miss you.

I love you.