484 days….

I’ve succumbed to the dreaded lurgy … and to quote K, “I feel like mud”.

The only thing keeping me going are cold tabs.

Of course, this has coincided with the start of holidays … those holidays when I had such great plans to do stuff … but as for each set of school holidays since September last year, something has conspired to depress me.

At Christmas time, it was the endless flooding.

At Easter, it was more bad weather.

This time, it’s this energy-sapping cold that has meant I have struggled to do anything…. I simply have no energy.

It has also meant that we had to postpone our visit with Cousin A and kids who are visiting from their home in Zambia ….. My lovely little niece I has to have an operation later this week and Can Not Be Sick or they will call it off.   …and since the standard of medical health is better here than there, they absolutely Do Not Want to call it off.

..but cold or no cold, I HAVE to do something fun for us.

…and so I am bringing back the vege patch.

Yep – I know you know how excited this makes me.

H is desperate to grow some sunflowers, just like you used to do.

But instead of trying to dig over the vege patch, I’ve found an old wooden crate which I’ve half filled with sand and compost and will add some potting mix tomorrow and then ….

….. we plant.

I just hope I have a little more energy tomorrow.

I miss you ….. and for more than your gardening skills.

I love you.