490 days…

After a week of holidays, I’m still sick but on the mend .. I hope.

Being sick has meant that we’ve spent more time at home …which has been rather nice.

We’ve cleaned, we’ve done minor redecorating of bedrooms and wall art, I’ve reclined in luxury on a deck chair whilst reading a novel, Andrew came to visit for lunch, we watched movies, we baked, we played, we rode scooters, we gardened…. very relaxing …

Your sister J and her hubby came to visit us twice during the week.  I have to admit, that J has been wonderful to us of late.  She really misses you and I can tell she is so sad that you died when the family were at odds.|
…and now I am seeing that your brother GC is really only using me.  He needs to keep me on side because he wants the farm.  So when he called at 9pm last night, I knew it wasn’t a social call.  Of course he wanted something ….


Pete and the girls arrived on Saturday afternoon, so we spent Sunday here on the deck … eating, crafting, talking …. very relaxing.

Then today Pete took the 4 littlest ones to see Cars 2 whilst the biggest one came with Mum and I to do girlie shopping …

It’s really been so nice to be with my brother and my nieces … they are having a hard time at the moment so it’s great for us all to be together.

…and it’s nice when family come together because they WANT to be together.

Not because they need free accommodation and childcare interspersed with long periods of no communication whatsoever ….. (no, I’m not cynical at ALL about your brother’s motives).

I wish you were here.

I *felt* you here a lot this week.

I’m almost sure I rested my head against your hip as you stood beside my deck chair.

Maybe it’s because I miss you so much.

Or maybe you can tell how sad I feel and you let me know.

I love you.