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Dear Darl, it’s 12 September, 2011

560 days….

Last week, I fell.


Too many stressors on top of an already stressful life.

…and then the person who keeps work flowing my way resigned.

and I panicked.

Because she is the only person in admin who gets it.

But I met with her, and while she isn’t able to give me more long-term certainty, she moved mountains to keep me employed for most of next term.

….and instantly, my spirits lifted.


I’m happy that I am employed until December, but I’m scared that my emotional health swings so wildly around having job security.


In the past, I’ve never had job security.

I’ve only ever had contract work.

But  it’s been OK because  a) I’ve never been out of work, and b) I’ve always had you there  earning an income to provide for us if I couldn’t.

Now, I need that security.


I miss you.

I love you.





day whatever.





Life is shit.

and I don’t believe for one second that it will ever get any better.