713 days

Or 1 year, 11 months, 11 days (hello 11s)

Almost 2 years.

…and I miss you more than ever.

Work is settling down after a fashion. … in that my second teaching partner has been easier to deal with than I thought she would be.  We will be OK …… and helping with that is the brilliant children we have.  They are all beautiful.  Several have already stolen my heart.

I wish some of them were orphans though as some of the parents need a bit of a wake-up call: your child isn’t perfect (and that’s OK), and yes I can tell when a toilet trip is needed and when it’s pure work-avoidance; yes, I’d rather she had a book that was “too easy” and understand it than I would if she read a higher level so you could brag to the other parents; let your child have a little independence – it is good for them.

I miss you in my down time though.  Its getting bad.

I searched for you on a dating site … but you weren’t there. (A couple of really nice guys and a lot of  … er… ‘idiots’ is about as polite as I can be).

But nobody like you.

Nobody even comes close.

I know this is telling me that I’m not ready, but my longing to be held in your arms grows worse each day.

I want to fall asleep in your arms with your chest against my back.

I want to wake with the soft skin of your shoulders as my pillow.

Not this empty bed in this empty room.

I can barely stand it.

I miss you.

I love you.


PS – If you could just send me a nice bloke, that would be great.  Just give me a sign so I don’t send him packing like I did most of the blokes on that dating site.