Day 971

Halloween Street party: another family event that felt wrong.

I didn’t really want to go, but H was dancing on the stage and he begged me to be able to go.

The weather was terrible.  Horrible.  We had to park miles away.

I turned around as we were walking to the festival from the car.  twice.

I just didn’t want to go without you.

That and frankly, Halloween is really, really creepy….. so many people with masks covering their faces getting in MY face.
I can’t understand how this is “fun”.
Mannequins hanging from trees in nooses?
People dressed as thought they had just emerged from a car wreck??
So. Not. Cool.

AND there were bagpipes.  Fucking BAGPIPES.


But … I persevered and stayed for the dance performances.  H was happy.  That’s what mattered.

But you weren’t there and it felt wrong.

You should be here.

It’s wrong that you aren’t.

I miss you,

I love you,