1054 days

I’ve been quiet on here for a while.  I think that’s because I seem to just converse with you now instead of writing missives…..

Christmas was OK this year.  Not great.  But OK.
In fact, most of the school holidays have been upbeat and we’ve focussed on fun and relaxation.

…. helped along by a bit of job security that came my way in the last fortnight of the school year….. a new school with an old friend who appreciates good teaching over flattery and who can cope with a discussion in ways other than sin-binning me if I disagree on something or don’t suck up to him enough.
I have taught with this new HOC before and she has seen me teach (and seen my effect on the data for literacy)…. and the new principal seems nice too.

I am nervous and excited in equal measure, to be starting somewhere new.

….having to prove myself over again to new staff.
…. meeting a new bunch of kids (although they seem lovely on first meeting).
…. having the kids at the old school and me at the new.

But I start this new year with hope … and a bit of joy.

Stay tuned!

I miss you.

I love you.