Looking after me.

There’s someone I’ve been neglecting for the past 3.5 years.
She is strong, but has infrequent, spectacular meltdowns due to the ….(there is no word to describe this but widows know the feeling) …. of it all.
She loves hard, but falls hard.
She picks herself back up again, dusts herself off and keeps going.
She takes every sling and arrow personally …. yet never backs away from fighting for something she believes in.
School has been out for a week and there are still a few days of holidays to go before we head into the insane final term of the year.  Its a reporting term.  With a fete thrown in for good measure.  I know I will need something extra to get myself through to December….

So this week, I have been looking after me.

I’ve been eating right and walking lots.
I’ve been indulging my passion for photography.
I’ve been dog sitting and remember what fun it is to have a dog.
I bought myself the first non-work clothes I’ve had in the past 3.5 years.
I’ve listened to music I like .. Ed Sheeran, Passenger, Kate Miller- Heidke…..
I’ve read books and watched movies.
I decided that I can no longer cope with all of the housework and have just hired a cleaning lady to help me once a fortnight (oh the luxury!).

I’ve even found time to go out for a meal with a friend without the children.

Maybe its Spring talking, but life feels full of possibilities.

and that feeling is amazing.

I know that I am riding the crest of a wave, but maybe I can surf this one for a little while longer and the next trough won’t be so deep.