• Domestically-challenged, terminally-tired, craft-obsessed, Aussie Mum to two.
  • Botanist by trade (I’ve even got a shiny piece of paper that says “Doctor of Philosophy in the field of Botany”), but recently began new career as a teacher (another shiny bit of paper that says Graduate Diploma of Education – with Distinction).
  • Previously an Ego-Wrangler and Strategy Articulator for a bunch of academics.
  • Currently working as a supply teacher whilst being a full-time parent.
  • Lover of Australian native plants.
  • Cross-stitcher.
  • Learning the art of photography.
  • Mostly Solar powered (12 shiny big solar panels on our roof).
  • Wife to Mr Fixit.
  • Mother and general dogsbody to Miss K and Mr H.
  • Caretaker of 5 chooks.
  • Cook
  • Lazy Gardener


That’s who I used to be.  That was my bio on my other blog – “Corymbia’s Mutterings”  (where I still post sometimes when I’m not writing letters to  Greg).

I was so happy and lucky and loved and took it all for granted.

Now I am someone different:  I am a widow.

The man I love beyond breath was killed in a car accident whilst carrying out his normal duties at work on March 1, 2010.

Most of me remains (or at least I hope to get back most of me):

I am still a Mum to two beautiful children.  I am still a teacher. I still am a botanist.  I still love Australian native plants and gardens.  I still love to hear music and play the piano.  I still have fantastic friends (both RL and online). My brain still functions on a reasonably good level (short-term memory is a bit wonky though).  I still love Holden cars and meat pies and good people everywhere.  I still love the beach and the bush.  and I still love a good laugh.

And I am someone new:

I find myself showing more kindness as I have been shown kindness.  I find myself seeking out the hearts of others and hearing their story.  and I find myself in a more spiritual place than I was before….

…and I know one important truth:

Love is everything.
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