The lost art of flirting

… well lost to me anyway.

The last time I did “flirting” (without knowing that the flirtee was already very interested – ie Greg), I was in possession of a rather hot 22 year old body, flawless skin and a geeky naivete that was somehow attractive (who knew?).
In other words, the most flirting I did was glancing in the direction of someone I fancied …. and smiling. After that it wasn’t me who was trying to do the impressing.

Now?  Well I *think* I am doing it, but I honestly have no idea whether I am or not.

I am finding flirting very tricky.

What do modern flirters do?

Apparently taking the piss out of someone (gently) over dodgy taste in tv shows is NOT considered flirting anymore.
That’s my whole schtick now.
I do the witty come backs.
I do the friendly sarcasm. (Watching every season of Gilmore Girls can do that to anyone).
Because funny is sexy …. right?


I don’t do mani-pedis and I don’t do games.
I don’t go for a hot body anymore; I go for a cool brain.
I go for intelligent conversation and a good sense of humour.
I go for kindness and compassion.
I go for someone who can make me smile and who is good at cuddling on the lounge and watching dodgy tv shows.
(I think I just described Dara Ó Briain -funny and cuddly.  Also, he’s already married so that is another thing I don’t do: married men).

This flirting thing is tricky.

Looking at the good news though … did anyone notice I just wrote an Entire Post on flirting?  
A year ago, the thought of flirting was equivalent to stabbing myself in the eye, repeatedly.  With a knitting needle.  
Must mean I am starting to get my act together!