393 days…

Dad’s birthday greetings were sung down the phone this morning – K on piano and H singing.

We will celebrate together on Thursday night … I think Mum is worried that I won’t celebrate my own  birthday so she has invited us there for the combined dinner.

Except this year, I won’t get a cake with a bit cut off the side from Dad’s birthday….


We are all getting tired.  This is a long term – 12 weeks.  All the kids are grumpy, ratty and their behaviour is deteriorating, reflecting their exhaustion.

That’s the tiring thing about teaching …. working with about 25 personalities in various stages of tiredness.  I swear some of the kids don’t’ sleep at home and come to school tired, hungry and very, very grumpy.

and sick.  So many kids at school who look like death slightly reheated.

…and teachers dropping like flies with flu.

I hope I don’t’ get sick too….


I miss you.

I love you.